Need Cardox? Think Absafe!

Need Cardox? Think Absafe!

Absafe is the Australian and New Zealand Distributor for ATD Cardox Pressure Gas Systems.
We are the most experienced Cardox suppliers in Australia.
Whatever your requirements we can supply the best system for you, and working teams if required.
Specialising in design, supply, installation, and training;
as well as carrying out all forms of Cardox operations.

What Is Cardox?

Cardox is a non-explosive blasting system. The ultimate solution for build-up & blockage issues in storage vessels, pre-heaters, coolers, inlet chambers, silos, raw feed mills, riser ducts, rotary kilns, and other high-heat process equipment. It is widely regarded as the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective method of clearing build up and blockages in a plant’s processing line. A Cardox Tube hides a core of power:
  • CO2 high-pressure gas generator
  • Shear-style instant release mechanism
  • Specially designed discharge nozzles
  • Charge control system
 Simple Operation:
  • Load the tube
  • Lock it in place
  • Blow the blockage away!
The high-pressure CO2 rush instantly pushes away materials, and breaks up compacted solids, without damaging equipment.

  Why Cardox?

Simply put, Cardox CO2 will boost efficiency and reduce costs at your plant. Not only does it get the job done with unbeatable power and precision, but Cardox treatment also conforms to operating temperatures meaning there is no need to endure extended shut down time while the equipment cools. As such, Cardox CO2 System outperforms more traditional clearance methods for powder handling and silo unblocking, and can cater to a plant’s long and short-term operational needs.

Our Experience

Absafe is unique, in that as well as designing and installing permanent systems, we can place Cardox in areas such as internal silos by hand to facilitate emergency clearance operations of most dry bulk materials.

Utilising our rope access and confined space expertise we can safely access most areas to drill and plant the Cardox units with optimum results.

How Absafe can help

Absafe can supply the Cardox system itself, set up a permanent system for ongoing use, and provide your staff with full training, regular support and annual maintenance.

Sourcing Cardox from Absafe, means that you get access to authentic ATD-Cardox product materials and parts backed by a certified supplier.

Design & Install:

  • Operational systems
  • Charging stations
  • Safe Operating Procedures

Supply & Service:

  • Complete systems
  • Consumable Parts
  • Consumable Materials

Maintain & Train:

  • Audits
  • Personnel training
  • Tech support

Works Teams:

  • Emergency blockage clearances
  • Rope access clearance teams
  • Localised Cardox placement


Controlled blasting

Cardox In Action

The power of a single Cardox tube

Rock Breaking

Absafe & TAMS underwater trials

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For an explanation of how Cardox technology works for your industry,
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Introduction to bulk material handling
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Detailed technical data
on ATD Cardox by Absafe
for bulk material handling

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An introduction to coal and rock breaking
using ATD Cardox by Absafe

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